Nuru Massage

Nuru massage in Kiev

Massage Nuru has Japanese roots. All the technique of this massage is reduced to slipping the body of a massage therapist along the client's body, which is possible due to abundant lubrication of the client's body and massage therapist with Nuru gel, or its analogs.

Nuru massage, in fact, is an erotic massage and serves the client as a means of obtaining sexual pleasure from the sliding surface contact of the body of the masseur with his own body. In general, this massage relaxes and excites.

At the beginning of the Nuru massage session, the masseur is abundantly lubricating the client's body with gel, and also own body. After lubrication, the masseur begins to slide the entire surface of his body throughout the client's body, including the genitals. This slip makes Nuru massage unique. Very often, Nuru passes into sex massage, but in most countries of the world penetration during the session is prohibited, the same ban applies in Ukraine.

Nuru massage was specifically designed as a booster of sexual desire and enjoyment. It all started with how some smart Japanese made the slimy gel from edible seaweed nori, and then other ingenious Japanese after they saw and touched the gel, understood how to use it for sexual entertainment.

Usually gels used for this massage are easily washed off from the body, which does not cause inconvenience to the participants of the massage, first of all, to the clients.

Erotic massages in our salon are somewhat like the Nuru massage. Our masseuses also use a lot of oil or gel, during the massage sessions they periodically slip their naked bodies over the client's body, we often call this method body 2 body massage and our clients very like it. Therefore, if you are in Kiev, or are going to visit the capital of Ukraine, then we invite you to visit our parlor and try our erotic massage programs with a happy ending.