Classic Massage

Classic Massage in Kiev

How useful is a classic massage?

The answer to this question is simple and most likely, if you underwent a basic course of anatomy in a secondary school, then you can answer this question. If you did not realize what to answer on this question immediately, then think about the answer 20 seconds and after go to continue reading the post.

Did you think about it?

Excellent, but now, please compare your answer to the question "How useful is a classic massage?" with our.

  • A) Massage stimulates the circulatory and lymphatic system, as well as the muscular system of the body.
  • B) Massage manipulations have a positive effect on skin’s health, in some way, rejuvenation, making it more elastic.
  • C) Massage relaxes (for sure you yourself know this perfectly well).
  • D) Body massage gives a feeling of comfort and good mood since it contributes to the release of serotonin, in general, it positively affects the psychological health.

In general, these are superficial answers, because there are a lot of ailments that have special names and the body massage is aimed at fighting against them.

Also we want to draw your attention to the fact that classical massage has other names depending on the intensity and strength of massage techniques, while the massage method remains classical. For example, a massage with stronger actions is called Swedish massage and its task is to rub the deep neurovascular bundles and muscles.

Whatever it was, this kind of massage is aimed at working with almost all areas of the body, the main of which are: back, legs, hands, stomach, and chest.

The most popular and sought from general therapeutic massages is a back massage. And on its example, we will describe the main massage movements performed with classical massage, read below.

  • 1. Stroking, it has a smooth and shallow effect on the skin and through it to the surface of muscle tissue. Stroking at the beginning of the massage has a relaxing-soothing effect on the patient and, of course, prepares the muscles for more intense movements. It is executed by an internal surface of palms on all surface of a back.
  • 2. Rubbing - follows after stroking and differs from it by the intensity of the effect. Rubbing serves to warm up deeper layers of muscle tissue. This technique is usually performed by the ribs of the palms, movements are parallel to the spine on the entire surface of the back.
  • 3. Kneading - massage techniques aimed to the deep muscle groups. Kneading has the maximum impact on stimulation of the lymphatic, circulatory and muscular systems.
  • 4. Vibration - a technique aimed at relaxing the muscles after kneading, is usually performed with fingers collected in rake at the end of the massage session.

All the above massage actions can be performed cyclically, with the transition from one section of the back to the other. It's right to start the massage from the lumbar zone and move up to the cervical zone.

If you first want to try massage as a patient - we recommend you to contact a professional masseur, if it is assumed that you will get massage from beloved person, then ask him to watch the training videos and be prepared for the fact that most likely classical massage will be a prelude to sex, more precisely, first grow into an erotic massage, and after it to sex. It often happens with loving people.

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